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A Few Ways to Add Value to Your Home Pre-Sale

Putting your home on the market is exciting and challenging. For most sellers, attracting buyers and getting the most money possible for the home is the biggest challenge. While capturing buyers’ attention requires expertise, you can give it a nudge forward by making a few simple improvements to the home before it is listed.

Depersonalize the home

This one won’t cost a dime. Take time to depersonalize the home, removing all your personal effects from the house. No one wants to see a political banner or a marijuana posted hanging on the walls.


The exterior is the first thing buyers see when they view the home. And since impressions count so much, make yours count. Professional landscaping will turn a boring landscape into one that appeals and intrigues.

New Windows

carpentry services in kingwood, tx

New windows are appealing. They allow natural lighting inside the home, which improves efficiency and style. Add them to the home pre sale if you want more money and a faster sale.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are higher quality than pre made cabinets. They come in styles that you don’t typically see in kitchens or bathrooms. And, they give your house a modern style. Reach out to get help from carpentry services in kingwood, tx to start this project.

Home Staging

Hire an expert to perform home staging services before you sell the home. They create a space that resonates with potential buyers, creating warmth and peace inside their minds and hearts. It is worth the small expense when adding value and personality to your home is important.

There are ample ways to increase the value of the home and create a more attractive look for buyers. The ideas above are a handful on a long list of many. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a phenomenal home and it will not be sitting on the market long.

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